Nicole Rotante


I have been competing in pageantry for seven years (since 2013). I would get basic headshots done but I’ve never had a photographer who helped me reach a new me like the way Benizo has.

He was the first professional photographer I’ve had the pleasure to work with & for years I wanted to shoot with him. When my opportunity finally came in January of 2019 I took it & RAN.

The amount of excitement & adrenaline I felt during my shoot was like going on a Roller-Coaster. Benizo is more than a photographer. He’s Creative, Amazing, & his photos are SHOW STOPPING.

I have had the honor to now shoot with him twice & thankfully a third in the future! Each time was something different & that’s what I love about Benizo. He’s different. His compassion for what he does is why he creates such beautiful work & has the power to help his clients feel 100% confident & truly the best version of themselves.

Ben, you & B are my absolute favorite people in this world. I cannot wait for our upcoming shoot & all of our future shoots we will have together! If you’re considering using Benizo don’t consider , commit. Commit & bring out your inner fire.

Nicole Rotante

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