Intentionally Glamorous Photoshoots

Unleash the sheer beauty of your sensuality with artistic expressions that’ll stir things up, including your confidence.

The Beauty Beyond Comfort Zones

We created art that I never thought was possible.

There was a time when we were talking about the meaning behind the fedora and the story that created it. Hearing Ben speak so powerfully about his mission to empower women through their own vulnerability was incredibly humbling. The reminder that as women we have more power inside us than we even realize was incredibly forceful. It made me demand myself to not only speak better of myself but to think better of myself because I deserve it! ~ Lexi W.


The walls just came tumbling down!

Prior to my last photo shoot with Ben, I didn’t have confidence, I didn’t feel good enough, skinny enough, curvy enough, pretty enough. I always felt uncomfortable because I wasn’t confident with myself but Benizo is so professional and personable that he makes you feel at ease as if you’ve known him for years or hanging out with an old friend. The walls just come tumbling down! ~ Haley A.

Age 48: Bringing down a lifetime of walls

Seeing yourself through Benizo's lens, really opens your eyes to the beauty you truly are.

You exuded my inner soul in these shots and when I saw myself through your camera I said to myself – Wow, that is YOU! This gave me the confidence I needed going forward. You captured my beauty and strength and helped me see myself the light I knew was there. ~ Chandra E.

Breaking the Age Mold One Click at a Time! True Beauty Beyond 40

No matter how many hats life asks you to wear: Mom, daughter, spouse, teacher, boss, employee, friend... it never gets old seeing a woman embracing self-love over approval. For you, we reserve one special hat, dedicated to your strength & authentic beauty.

Headshots Included in Every Shoot
Everyone Deserves a Headshot where Authenticity is Gleaming from their Eyes.
If Life is a Sport then,
Unleashing Beauty is Athleticism
Celebrating your favorite sport, activity, and passion with every click.
Let's Show the World What we can Create Together!

By choosing to be confident in yourself and embracing your uniqueness, you have already overcome the most challenging obstacle. The rest of the journey will be a piece of cake! Let’s work together & don’t worry – You Got This!

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