"Power to BU is about staying true to yourself, in a world trying to make you someone else."

Hi! I'm Benizo

A Philosopher with a Camera Picturing Beauty.

Hi, I’m Benjamin Urcuyo. But many know me by my artistic name – Benizo. In the spirit of embarking on a journey to free women from the image others wanted them to be, I created a name, logo, and style, that would represent the purpose I was shooting for (no pun intended).

Every time I press the shutter button I’m focused on two feelings – Beauty & Originality. I don’t think one can be without the other.

With each session, there is a unique set of circumstances, conditions, and purposes to free you from whatever is keeping you imitative, normal, and less than who you really want to be.

Although millions of photographers can take your picture, I want to inspire you to go deeper. So deep that the only voice you hear is your own. No judgements, insecurities, fears, doubts, or images to live up to. Just you and your true essence.

I want to inspire you to be true to yourself. To be you. It’s only by happy-coincidence “BU” are my initials but when I say BU I mean that your uniqueness is worth picturing.

So instead of doing a photo shoot, which you can get anywhere, I offer you a Power To BU Session – where you’ll Picture Nothing More BU’tiful.

"My favorite part of each session is that no two women are alike. Each has her own unique fears, passions, circumstances, and conditions that she brings to her artistic expression."

~ Benizo
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