"Power to BU is about staying true to yourself, in a world trying to make you something else."


Hello there, my name is Benjamin Urcuyo (BU). Yes, those are my initials but more importantly, they’re my Philosophy, Purpose, and Reason for Being on this Earth.

If I can help you shoot through that feeling or thing covering you up then I’m not just helping you “Be you” but you’re helping me “Be me.”


Our Mission!

Benizo is on a mission to help you stop shooting for an image, because there will Never “Ever” Be Another You. So instead of taking your best shot to the grave, we’ll be shooting to leave your mark… by freeing your Beauty & Originality!


My Story

I was tired of seeing women chasing images of Beauty, so in 2004 I picked up a camera to help them see the Beauty in themselves. For over 15 years I’ve been proofing the world cannot crown someone who can only be freed from within. But it hasn’t been easy.

But words are cheap. So I started my journey with a unique name (Benizo – Word Original), and determined to hang my hat only on Beauty & Originality.

Let’s embark on this journey to make sure the world gets our best shot!

What Makes Benizo Different?

your Uniqueness.
Your Oranginality!


You won’t find me ever shooting to help you be an image, because there has never been anyone like you! I didn’t pick up a camera to be a photographer, I picked one up to set you free.

"My favorite part of each session is that no two women are alike. Each has her own unique fears, passions, circumstances, and conditions that she brings to her artistic expression." ~ BENIZO