"Power to BU is about staying true to yourself, in a world trying to make you something else."

Hello there, my name is Benjamin Urcuyo (BU). Yes, those are my initials, who would have thunk it!

My inspiration to help women shoot through comfort zones came about from seeing the pressures they faced to fit into someone else’s image.

While conversations helped it wasn’t enough. So I picked up a camera to proof – when they choose themselves over an image there’s nothing more BU’tiful!

Thus, whatever is keeping you from being true to yourself and expressing your unfiltered voice or chasing your wildest dreams can be packaged into a box called BS. My Power To BU sessions are all about shooting through that junk, so you can take control again.

I welcome you on a session of creativity, amazing results, and the power that’ll help you OUTSHINE ANYTHING!

"My favorite part of each session is that no two women are alike. Each has her own unique fears, passions, circumstances, and conditions that she brings to her artistic expression." ~ BENIZO