"Power to BU is about staying true to yourself, in a world trying to make you something else."

Hello there, my name is Benjamin Urcuyo (BU). Yes, those are my initials, who would have thunk it! But more importantly, they’re my Philosophy, Purpose, and Reason for Being on this Earth. I love helping others take a little deeper than the image they are presenting.

If I can help you shoot through that feeling or thing covering you up then I’m not just helping you “Be you” but you’re helping me “Be me.” ~ Benizo

What Inspires Me?
your Uniqueness.


When it comes to beauty, imitating the inimitable just sounds ugly. Therefore whenever you shoot to free the beauty inside you, and not for an image – rest assured when you’re choosing to BU, you’re choosing a World Original!

"My favorite part of each session is that no two women are alike. Each has her own unique fears, passions, circumstances, and conditions that she brings to her artistic expression." ~ BENIZO