Behind the Lens

Through his photography and web design work, Ben Urcuyo helps his clients break free from external conditions and connect with themselves and others on a deep, honest level. With his passion for individuality and a love of beauty, he empowers his clients to be their authentic selves and express it. Explore his portfolio, chime in & say hello, or inquire about working together. Whatever you do from here… remember, “True Beauty is an Inner Flame, that cannot be Extinguished. Make it Shine!”

Artistic Journey

Seeing how social expectations affected women’s ability to express their individuality inspired a coffee-drinking, web designer named Ben, to pick up his camera & help in a unique & revolutionary way.

BU - More than just initials

You’ll see me using these letters synonymous with Benizo – because it’s how I see the world through my lens. I believe beauty isn’t something our creator left for others to debate – but something each individual must shoot for within themselves. We all have a uniqueness that helps make the world a better place. My gift is helping others see within themselves – that when you SHOOT TO BU – YOU’ll PICTURE NOTHING MORE BU’TIFUL!

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