"Benizo Offers a Power To BU Experience that is about Staying True to Yourself, in a World Trying to Make you Someone Else."

Artist with a Camera

Hi I'm Benizo

I believe You are Unique. Never before or again will there be another you. You’re a true World Original Woman.

Therefore, your Truth, Love, & Beauty are not some “image” to be captured, but instead an Artistic Expression to be Freed. When these qualities flow from within you, the world won’t be able to ignore the power of your acronym – W.O.W!




Be Your Authentic Self.

Fedora Historic


What’s the Meaning?

Benizo’s Fedora

Fit For A Queen

Benizo’s Fedora Represents the Incomparable Beauty of Women owning the Title of Being Themselves.

It's all about the... World Original Woman

This Revolutionary Style was created as a reminding proof, when you Choose To BU, you’re not shooting for an image, but instead Freeing the Beauty Within You.

The world had never seen a Beauty Queen Pictured like this before!

"My Favorite Part of Each Session is that No Two Women are Alike. Each has Her Own unique Fears, Passions, Circumstances, and Conditions that She Brings to Her Artistic Expression."

~ Benizo
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