About Benizo

Benizo’s uncanny ability to see inside his clients humanity, and beyond their challenges, allows their beauty to illuminate boldly & with authentic confidence.

Hi I'm Benizo,

I’m a Phoenix artist specializing in photography, web-design, & branding. I have a unique ability to see underneath the surface and bring out the”Beauty & Originality” in others.

My passion is uniquely motivated by your desire to shoot beyond something that is holding you back from a deeper level of confidence, strength, freedom. Said another way, each “Artistic Expression” is an opportunity to shoot through BS, so you can BU.

I’m always up for shooting to discover meaning, adventures, & artistic expressions which inspire us to see the beauty within ourselves, and how we see the world. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to awaken the beauty within others… I know they help bring out the beauty in me. Here’s to the next adventure beneath the skin, I look forward to seeing you soon.

"My favorite part of each assignment is that no two women are alike. Each has her own unique fears, passions, pressures, & circumstances that she brings to her Artistic Expression."
~ Benizo

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Artistic Expressions