Phoenix Beauty Photographer specializing in Glamour & Positive self-image.

About Benizo

Benjamin Urcuyo (B.U.), better known for his artistic name Benizo, is a Glamour Photographer & Web Designer. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, his work has helped countless women & brands picture their authentic power, with results that inspire moods & moral – towards positive change.

Artistic Journey

Seeing the challenges women faced in expressing their unique beauty, inspired a coffee-drinking, web designer named Ben, to pick up a camera & help. And so, the artistic journey began.

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I’m Benizo. It’s my passion to help you shoot for your authentic confidence. Whether you’re looking to boost your portfolio, content, or self-esteem; I’ll make it easy for you to picture nothing more BU’tiful!

Why A Glamour Photoshoot

I believe the internal flame that burns within you cannot be imitated or mimicked. It is uniquely yours. So to bring out this elusive & sexy quality you desire, requires a mindful & glamorous adventure we can picture.

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