"Benizo Offers a Power To BU Experience that is about Staying True to Yourself, in a World Trying to Make you Someone Else."


About Benizo

Hi I’m Benizo, I admire & appreciate the Beauty of Being True to Yourself in a world trying to make you someone else.

I see the camera as an opportunity to support women in freeing themselves from a myriad of obstacles that they encounter. One being that they live in a so-called man’s world, when in fact, it’s the Power of a Woman to Be True Herself that reigns supreme.
The currents of society flow towards suppressing (not freeing) the Beauty Within, and replacing it with an external image which gives others the power to judge and validate what only you can Free from Within – Your Power To BU
Every session is a Freedom Statement about a woman reclaiming her Confidence & Beauty from someone or something wanting to take it away. So, instead of shooting for an image, I invite you to experience the Power of Being Yourself and Picturing Nothing More BU’tiful.

"Nizo" Means "Unique."
So, BENIZO means to "BE UNIQUE."

So that’s exactly how we Picture It!



Take Back Your Power!

Fedora Historic


What’s the Meaning?



Benizo’s Fedora Represents the Incomparable Beauty of Women owning the Title of Being Themselves.


This term came about while Revolutionizing the way Beauty Queen’s were pictured – True to her Core & Impossible to Compare.

The world had never seen a Beauty Queen Pictured like this before!

“Do it for the World Original Woman inside you wanting to free her Acronym - WOW.

"My Favorite Part of Each Session is that No Two Women are Alike. Each has Her Own unique Fears, Passions, Circumstances, and Conditions that She Brings to Her Artistic Expression."

~ Benizo
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