Beauty Revolution since 2006

True Beauty Queen's don't wait to be Chosen, they First Crown Themselves!

Benizo understands the Beauty of Being Unique, Standing Out, and staying True to Yourself – because True Beauty is Freed from Within! Picturing anything less we think is a Royal mistake.

It wouldn't be Queen-Like to Follow the Crowd

There are three types of Queen’s in the world. The one’s that (A) are comforted by normal, (B) the one’s that create change, and (C) the one’s that imitate those they could never be.

If (B) sounds like YOU – you already know what it takes to BU!

Not Like Any Other Photo Shoot

When you’re a World Original Woman, you’re being true to yourself, which means you’re going to shake things up and find that some people will want to tame you, shame you, and when that doesn’t work – imitate you. All because they could never BU!


Nine Hotspots
two symbols
One Purpose

Benizo (1) unbuckled her sash from its seat-belt position, (2) unpinned her crown from all conformity, and (3) curved her poses like the World had never seen a Beauty Queen before. A Beauty Revolution was born.

Head & ForeHead

Face & Neck

Arms & Shoulders







Benizo's Fedora is Sashed & Crowned for a Queen, and from above, is shaped True to her Feminine Core.

Instead of shooting for a panel of judges, you'll be freeing the beauty of a World Original Woman.

Click Hotspot or Samples Below.

You're a World Original FemiNINE purPOSES.

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You were created 100% Unique. That's how we picture it.

“Imagine the Awe-Inspiring Beauty that no one else will ever be you. That in this world you’ve got one shot, and it’s purpose is solely to shine your most unique original self. Sure you can be imitated or judged, but only by they who could never BU!” ~ Benizo

Our World Original Crown.

When you Shoot To BU you’re not waiting for someone to crown you, you’re making a statement that… You Have The Power To BU!
Benizo's Fedora is...

It’s no wonder it’s our official crown for World Original Women Untaming their Feminine Queen.

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