Vanessa Hernandez


Embracing your authenticity fearlessly is what I have taken away from my sessions with Ben and his HMU sidekick Bianca. I always admired from the sidelines Ben’s work and assumed you needed a crown and sash to be a part of his clientele, which just wasn’t the case.

Anytime Ben has sent me a picture from our sessions I instantly cry because of the emotion it brings me. Because with every shot was a moment that he was able to pull out everything I am as a woman and the feelings I have on the inside and transform that to a photo.

If you are reading this, know that I was just like you and researching “Benizo”, if you don’t have a sash and crown don’t be like me and let that hold you back from reaching out.  I learned through my reign as a title holder that the crown and sash do not define you but give you a stronger voice to who you are, what you believe and what you stand for. I also learned that if you do not genuinely represent who you are (title or no title) then  you will conform to everything you are not. Ben and Bianca helped me understand and embrace that through our sessions and I always leave those two feeling like a hot tamale that can conquer the world. If this sounds like this expereince could be more than just a photo session well, that’s because it is. So reach out and be blessed!

Miss New Mexico United States 2016
Miss New Mexico USA 4ru, Best in Fitness