When people tell you that timing is everything, this couldn’t be any more perfect to describe my experience working with Ben. The year I competed at Miss USA back in 2013, we met very briefly and chatted about perhaps working together but as life would have it, our paths never crossed. After four years of drastic changes and intense personal growth, I received a note from Ben asking if we could finally meet up in NYC to shoot and finally the timing was perfect.

I truly can’t express how great the experience was from start to finish. A couple of weeks before we spoke to go over the vision and what my expectations were so we could sync our ideas before the day actually came. From the moment I walked into the NYC hotel where we shot, the energy was magnetic.

Bianca, the makeup artist, was one of the best I have had the opportunity to work with. The moment we went to start the shoot, Ben suggested we start the shoot with the casual top I had worn there and from the first snap of the camera, each shot was exceptional. Every outfit change came with a different energy that catapulted into another set of unreal images.

At this time in my life, I think the word freedom comes to mind. The  ability to express the feelings behind the significant life events that I have experienced in the past five years, both good and bad. Ben was able to relate to this and help to really portray the start of the next chapter in my life. I am ready for the next step towards my goals and certainly working with Ben again to express my feelings of this journey.

Erin Brady
Miss USA 2013

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