Brittany P.

I was presented with an opportunity to shoot with Ben on his very first visit to New Mexico. As an admirer of his work I immediately jumped at the opportunity to get in front of his lens. Not knowing at the time, Ben would become so much more than a photographer taking my photo. He would become a mentor, an encourager and a lifelong friend.

Ben most likely did not realize how much work he was in for when it came to taking my photo. Our first shoot lasted over 5 hours after some major walls came down.
Ben would continue to break down these walls in me as our friendship grew over the next 4 years. I have never met a photographer that is so passionate about helping you let go of your fears so you could give fully of yourself in the photos he is capturing.

The creative mind of Ben is ever evolving and with each new picture I am always left with an admiration for his talent.

His vision, passion, spirit, dedication and complete joy for what he does are unparalleled. The excitement and energy he brings to each individual shoot are contagious and I can guarantee that the most unique beauty will be captured and a new sense of confidence will be gained.
Ben, thank you for your spirit and your heart. Your belief in me has helped lift me up in so many ways. I am so grateful for your passion and your ability to bring out the fire in me. Can’t wait to continue the journey and create some more magic!

“Knowing that you can embrace your true self is the greatest crown of all.” -Benizo
All my love,

Brittany Peralta

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