Benizo PowerToBU Sessions

BENIZO Artistic Interviews


The world is full of “Image” or BS, and not enough substance. Everywhere you go it seems people are imitating, chasing being first, or most popular, rather than the DEEPEST, TRUEST, most BU’TIFUL. Well almost everywhere. Here are the stories of real women not settling for the status quo, and wanting to go from point A to point BU!

Haley Anne

Haley Anne “It’s not about being Sexy, but simply being yourself. When I focused on the latter I couldn’t help but feel (& look) Sexy!”

Darrian Rachel

Darrian Rachel‚Äč “I hadn’t seen myself as a Sexy person before, but I knew in order to know myself – I needed to.” When Darrian

Kristie B.

Kristie Barlow “I had seen his work with others over the years and knew I wanted to have my very own shoot.” No two energies

Jenelle M.

Jenelle M. “I felt fully Seen & Free to just BE.” Her energy was electric, both calming and wild. She had a zen like connection

Kristen B.

Kristen B. “I’ve always believed in being unique and embracing who I am, but I never truly realized how much I held back until I