The photoshoot that changed how beauty queen's are pictured

In a world where conformity and imitation often take center stage, Ben envisioned something different – a revolutionary style that would empower every queen to embrace their own unique beauty.

THe Photo Shoot That Breaks the Pageant Mold to Help Brave Beauty Queen's Like YOu Own Their Uniqueness

In 2007, Ben took on the task of empowering local beauty queens to stand out. Recognizing their immense pressure and expectations to fit the mold, he approached the challenge with a new perspective.

With a revolutionary style that changed the pageant industry almost overnight, he inspired brave queens to confidently embrace their uniqueness. The force was so influential even those who hated its success couldn’t resist imitating it.

Nine lives in Feminine, & So its no suprise that a Beauty Revolution can be summarized with 9 Royal Statements

For the first time in history, beauty queens were pictured embodying their achievements by placing the power of their crown & sash into their own hands (both literally & figuratively). From head to toe they unleash their authentic beauty.

(See the 9 Royal Statements Below.)
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Royal Statement 1
In her true essence, a woman's mindfulness is attuned to the unseen mysteries of human life, healing, and love. But in a world where image reigns supreme, imitation and conformity often take the throne. This pose serves as a poignant reminder that genuine beauty resides within the sacred center of one's own universe.
Royal Statement 2
Face / Neck
The beauty of FACING one's challenges lies in the raw and unfiltered courage it takes to embrace vulnerability, to stick one's NECK out, and boldly embrace their individuality. It's a profound act of self-acceptance, where one peels away the layers of conformity and steps into the light of authenticity.
Royal Statement 3
Arms & Shoulders
Sometimes the task to BU can seem daunting, as if the weight of the world is on your SHOULDERS; just remember, true beauty can’t be won or lost by external opinion, it is sourced within you. This pose was inspired in 2007 as a show of strength to just flex your ARMS & embrace your intuition.
Royal Statement 4
Beating within her CHEST is a source of beauty the world cannot strap in. So, in 2007, Benizo liberated the sash from its seatbelt position, forever creating a reminder to celebrate your uniqueness.
Royal Statement 5
Do not WAIST your time trying to fit into someone else’s measurement of you, instead embrace your individuality and flow freely to your uniqueness. Rest assured when you pave your own path they will begin to imitate you. Stay True - BU!
Royal Statement 6
In 2007, for the first time in history, Beauty Queens had control of their uniqueness. With groundbreaking poses, sparking a revolution that forever changed the pageant industry. These reminders reveal when Benizo places the crown & sash into your hands - you’re boldly declaring your intent to Be Unique surpasses the need to fit in.
Royal Statement 7
When she is true to herself, her curves are unyielding to external opinions, and unapologetically flow with uniqueness. Embraced by confidence & assurance, she shall never conform to the standard image.
Royal Statement 8
This pose embodies the essence of feminine strength and empowerment. Her LEGS are the pillars of her inner power & the determination to embrace her own individuality as she strives towards her potentials.
Royal Statement 9
Her HEELS represent a journey of self-expression and authenticity, reflecting her true strength & courage. With each click she demonstrates the crown & sash are not some regal image to be validated, but rather representations that her own beauty is reigning supreme!
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When you’re brave enough to BU, even those who try to hold you back can’t resist imitating you.

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