I didn't want to be the "big hair, lot's of make up girl," I wanted to be me.
Lissette G.

I never thought I was "Sexy," But when I learned to embrace my heart I realized that I was.

After meeting Ben I realized you can act Sexy, but the only way to be Sexy is to be yourself. The easiest thing to do as a woman is to compare yourself with others and when you let your mind do this you’ll find yourself following the crowd in a direction that never leads to YOU.

My greatest obstacle was getting comfortable in my own skin

Having a relaxed environment surrounded by people I trusted and befriended was key in my bringing out my best. Ben provided that environment and so much more.

When I wanted someone to capture the "real" me I went with Ben.

During my reign I wanted someone I could trust behind the lens to point out my flaws And also my winning angles. There was no one like me, and there was no one like Ben. This combination created epic results.

Always follow your heart, true sex appeal comes from believing in yourself.

A true heart will shine through and that's the sex appeal that'll always be the most rewarded one.

Lissette G.

My 3 Benizo Takeaways

Ben made me realize no matter who tries to change me, "ME" is better than anyone else.

He inspired me to trust myself, and that I have the power to be amazing without validation from anyone. Sometimes in pageantry we forget we have “it” before ever winning a crown. It’s ok to be quirky and still take winning pictures. When you’re true to yourself is when one truly shines. 

Lissette G.
Benizo dedicates himself to helping women release their inner critic & free the beauty hidden within.  Read More.

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