"I Felt Held Back by My Body Type, but Shooting with Ben Helped Me Overcome that Image.”
Benizo Artistic Interview
If you asked me if I’d have the confidence to do a boudoir shoot before I’d probably say no way.

But shooting with Ben & Bianca 4 times now has really helped me overcome my fear and my lack of confidence in myself. After long heart to hearts with both of them in person & through texts it has been life changing for me.

The word “sexy” used to make me feel so uncomfortable between my past & always being a curvier female.

As a female who has a hard past of being sexually assaulted & has experienced mental health struggles from early teen years to adulthood, I always had a hard time accepting myself, having all around confidence & wanting to feel sexy.

I felt so comfortable knowing he was seeing Me & not just looking at my body.

Ben really made me feel beautiful & helped me realize I am perfect the way I am. Now I feel so much confidence in myself, which has helped me in so many aspects of life. I feel strong, healthy, empowered & uniquely beautiful. I know with this confidence that I can do anything I set my mind to. Nothing can hold me back anymore!

I was a nervous Wreck meeting Benizo at my first Photo Shoot.

But from his energy, his conversation, and his gifted talent with the camera, he immediately started to leave such a positive mark on me. I remember leaving that shoot feeling my best & continued to feel that way after the next 3 shoots over the course of a few years.

If You are someone who is on the fence of doing a shoot, for whatever reason...

… My best advice is just do it. Try it. To me, these photo shoots aren’t just about taking pretty pictures, it’s a whole experience. A learning experience in so many different aspects, wether it becomes a finding yourself experience, strengthening yourself in confidence & positivity, adding to a portfolio for a career or pageant…you name it, so many doors will open & help uplift you in so many positive ways. Just go in with an open mind, have fun & be yourself.

Feeling Beautiful in your own skin isn't easy, but maybe because there is no depth without resistance.

If you are a female who has ever experienced any kind of trauma and/or struggles with body positivity, look deeper into the words…it’s all in what you make of it. Outside looks aren’t what matters most, it’s the personal feelings & soul inside you is what matters most. If you feel confidently beautiful inside, it will show on the outside. You will glow!

My 3 Benizo Takeaways

Ben Thank you!

I truly have to & want to give credit to Benizo for helping me discover my inner beauty, confidence, strength.. my inner sexiness! Each shoot & each conversation we’ve had Benizo has helped push my limits, help me discover new things about myself & help me reach my goals & set the next to always be bigger & better! Benizo, you helped me so many ways heal & become the best version of myself. I am so grateful to consider you such a great friend & confidant in my life. Thank you for being such a kind, positive & creative light.

Lindsay J.

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