Body Shame to Body Love: Unleashing Your Inner Queen Through An Authentic Lens

Despite being held back by her body type and past trauma, Lindsay discovered a new sense power within herself in the most unexpected way - in front of the camera. It was during her photoshoots with Benizo that she was able to let go of her insecurities and see herself in a new light. She discovered that her unique beauty wasn’t up for debate - it was up for a transformative self-discovery!


Self-love and self-acceptance are crucial to living a happy and fulfilled life. So when you’ve struggled with your body image for years or gone through traumatic experiences it can be challenging to find your sense of power again. Unfortunately, societal expectations and pressures don’t make it any easier to maintain a positive self-image. This is something Lindsay knows all too well.

However, by stepping in front of the camera – she learned to embrace her unique beauty and break free from unhealthy beliefs & social expectations. She discovered a positive-power within herself she didn’t know existed.

The Struggle

Just the word “Sexy” used to make me Feel so Uncomfortable between my past & always being a Curvier Female.

Lindsay J.

Lindsay struggled with body shaming and negative self-talk for years. She was conditioned to believe that her worth was tied to her appearance and found it challenging to embrace her flaws and imperfections. This negative self-image was compounded when she experienced sexual assault, leaving her feeling vulnerable and broken. When she came to me to help her see herself in a new light – I knew she was ready for a transformational shift.

The Turning Point

When Lindsay came to me for the first time I didn’t know about her insecurities or past trauma – but I did detect a broken shyness to her. It was up to me to make sure that she could see herself through my lens in a way that encouraged to shoot through anything!

Although every shoot I do includes help in selecting wardrobe, the model chooses what she will bring. It was during the planning stages that I sensed Lindsay was uncomfortable being sexy – but that she wanted to be. Not only through our chats but it’s kind of a given when you choose Benizo – you’re wanting to BU – Sexy & Beautiful.

I encouraged her to look within herself to find her essence.  I reminding her that true confidence and power come from within and that she didn’t need anyone else’s validation to feel good about herself.

I encouraged her to be herself. The photos took care of themselves. And like a burst of colorful fireworks radiating the evening sky – her insecurities were filled with the glowing confidence.

The Photoshoot

Starting off with a cute dress to warm up her confidence, then to an evening gown with her smiling – I felt her insecurities fading away into the blue New York City Sky.

She was ready to turn it up a notch – the confidence in her came alive.
From her warm smiles to deep fiery eyes – her authentic beauty was able to penetrate her insecurities – and she came to life!

Lindsay was now convinced. This photoshoot was not about external validation or meeting anyone else’s expectations. Instead, it was a chance for her to see herself in a new light and celebrate her own unique beauty.

The Transformation

If you asked me if I’d have the confidence to do a boudoir shoot before I’d probably say no way.
Lindsay J.

As a female who has a hard past of being sexually assaulted & has experienced mental health struggles from early teen years to adulthood, I always had a hard time accepting myself or feeling sexy.

From dresses to a lingerie – something she never imagined she’d have the confidence to do.

The journey from her first shoot to her last have been one of a true inspiration. Seeing her realize that she was capable of anything as long as she believed in herself and stayed true to her unique beauty. She began to embrace her flaws and imperfections and saw them not as obstacles – but as foundations to achieve anything!

She began making healthier decisions and giving more value to self-love and self-care. The pressures of social & external expectations did not stop – she just got stronger.

She discovered a World Original Woman within her whose beauty comes alive from within her uniqueness – not some external validation!

The Conclusion:

With every click of the camera, Lindsay rediscovered a sense of power and self-love that had been buried deep within her.

Through her journey, she learned that true beauty lies within and that by embracing ourselves for who we are, we can break free from the expectations of society and find true happiness. So go ahead, step in front of the camera by choosing to BU. You never know what kind of magic might happen.

Final Thoughts:
I was a nervous Wreck meeting Benizo at my first Photo Shoot.
Lindsay J.

But from his energy, his conversation, and his gifted talent with the camera, he immediately started to leave such a positive mark on me. I remember leaving that shoot feeling my very best.

Ben really made me feel beautiful & helped me realize I am perfect the way I am. Now I feel so much confidence in myself, which has helped me in so many aspects of life. I feel strong, healthy, empowered & uniquely beautiful. I know with this confidence that I can do anything I set my mind to. Nothing can hold me back anymore!

If You are someone who is on the fence of doing a shoot, for whatever reason...

… My best advice is just do it. Try it. To me, these photo shoots aren’t just about taking pretty pictures, it’s a whole experience. A learning experience in so many different aspects, wether it becomes a finding yourself experience, strengthening yourself in confidence & positivity, adding to a portfolio for a career or pageant… you name it, so many doors will open & help uplift you in so many positive ways. Just go in with an open mind, have fun & be yourself.

“I believe that every woman deserves to feel confident, empowered, and beautiful in her own unique way. By embracing her individuality and shooting through her struggles, I know she can discover her greatest joys & strengths.” ~ Benizo

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