Breaking the Mold: How a Photoshoot Can Help You Lose 40lbs and Embrace Your Inner Queen

Are you tired of living in the shadow of your self-doubt and insecurity? Are you ready to rise from the ashes and shine brighter than the scorching Phoenix sun? If you've struggled with weight loss, you know how daunting it can be. But don't let that hold you back from feeling confident, sexy, and beautiful again. There's a powerful tool that can help you break through the mold and embrace your true beauty: a photoshoot. Not just any photoshoot, but one that allows you to break free from the mold and unleash your inner queen.

Do you ever feel like you're in a constant battle with yourself when it comes to your body? You're not alone.

Let me introduce you to Kristie. Despite countless attempts to lose weight and feel confident in her own skin, negative self-talk seemed to be the only thing she heard. But then, something remarkable happened. She decided to do a photoshoot for herself – something that she had been putting off because she thought she wasn’t good enough.

What started as a simple decision turned into a life-changing experience.

In front of the camera, she shed her self-limiting beliefs for self-loving power and for the first time in years felt sexy and beautiful again.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into the transformative power a single photoshoot can have on your self-doubt breaking journey & learn to embrace your inner queen.

Weight loss can be a challenging and emotional journey for many women.

Society’s unrealistic beauty standards and the pressure to conform to them can make it difficult for women to feel confident in their own bodies. When a woman is struggling with her weight, it can lead to feelings of low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and self-doubt.

For years, Kristie had struggled with self-doubt and negative body image, feeling like she didn’t quite fit into the mold of what society deemed beautiful. But she was ready to break out of that mold and redefine beauty on her own terms.

Kristie set out to lose 40lbs and break free from the rigid definition of beauty she had encountered in the pageant world.

I set a challenge to do one more pageant (Miss Virginia), lose 40lbs, and show it all with a Benizo Photoshoot. Once I booked I knew it was “Game On!” I called my Mom and best friend to tell them how excited I was. I couldn’t believe I was finally going to work with the artist I followed for years. I was nervous but sooo excited at the same time.

She had made the decision to let go of her fears the moment she booked her shoot - now it was time to just let the beauty shine.

At first glance, it was hard to believe that Kristie had lost 40 pounds. Her figure was toned, radiating with health and vitality – just like her smile! These qualities are rare in a woman who had struggled with weight loss most of her life. She had arrived to her photoshoot excited and inspired to work with me – but it was I who was moved by her inspirational journey which led here.

After standing up from Bianca’s chair and seeing herself in the mirror her jaw dropped with newfound feminine power. Her anticipation & nervousness didn’t know what to expect as we walked towards the studio lighting.

She wasn’t a model or experienced in front of the camera. But none of this could prevent the wave of power that was about to unfold.

When I asked her to step in front of my camera, little did she know the hardest part was already done! When she booked her shoot a ways back she took on the challenge to be herself after years of struggling to fit a social image. Her strength, courage and self-love had already made the astounding shift inward. She had without knowing it – already tapped into her sexiest source of beauty – now it was time to picture it.

It was as easy as click! I showed her the preview of that first shot and her eyes beamed with clarity – she had just seen through that camera, that an “impossible-to-ignore woman” had emerged.

This beauty had arrived – and it all started when she chose herself & said no more to the status quo image.

Once I booked my session the focus got real! My sets, reps, and steps took on a new intensity with this newfound energy. It was a deep boost.
Kristie B.

Booking this photoshoot was a turning point for me. It helped me see that I had the power to feel sexy and beautiful again, regardless of my weight. It gave me the motivation and inspiration I needed to continue working towards my goals with confidence and self-love.

If you're also struggling with self-doubt and body image, consider doing a photoshoot to remind yourself of your worth and beauty.

By choosing to embrace your unique beauty and celebrating yourself through a photoshoot, you’ll not only boost your confidence but also inspire others to do the same. So, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and show the world the real, authentic you. Remember, you are beautiful just the way you are, and it’s time to start celebrating that beauty!


Breaking free from self-doubt and embracing your true beauty is all about choosing to BU. Here are three actionable steps you can take to start your journey:

Remember, the journey towards self-love is ongoing, but by taking these steps, you can start to feel more confident and empowered in your own skin. So go ahead, choose yourself, picture your power, and book your photoshoot – you deserve it!

“I believe that every woman deserves to feel confident, empowered, and beautiful in her own unique way. By embracing her individuality and shooting through her struggles, I know she can discover her greatest joys & strengths.” ~ Benizo

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