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Kristie Barlow
"I had seen his work with others over the years and knew I wanted to have my very own shoot."
No two energies are alike, but Kristie’s was so unique, I couldn’t help but just smile the moment I met her. And to this day whenever she messages it’s an instant smile. So although I don’t often include smiley’s in my work for the deep appreciation of purposeful thought & expression, I had to throw in extra smiley’s here because it was just one of those shoots 🙂


I set a challenge to do one more pageant (Miss Virginia), lose 40lbs, and show it all off with a Benizo Session. Once I booked I knew it was “Game On!” I called my Mom and best friend to tell them how excited I was. I couldn’t believe I was finally going to work with the infamous artist I followed for years. I was nervous but sooo excited at the same time.

I felt as if I was going to meet a celebrity. But the moment I got there, he made me feel I was the celebrity.

When I got there my nerves went away. Our energies just clicked. He seemed as excited to see me as I was him and I felt at ease instantly. I got over an hour with Bianca who only made things better. When I looked in the mirror when she was done I saw a new woman in that mirror!

I saw the first few shots and I was like "WOW, ok these already look amazing!"

Overly confident I was not. I had only done a couple of shoots (but amateur compared to his) so I became worried about messing up. Once I got my first outfit on we were talking and he just posed me and click! Click! He sensed my nerves and used them to create some amazing shots in seconds. From that point forward it was pure creative energy.

He is so Good at making people feel Confident & Beautiful.

Walking into the room you feel this instant calm. You’re able to take whatever insecurity someone has and help them let it go. This experience has been one of the most memorable and positive in my life. If I’m having a down day i just remember our session and feel better instantly. I can’t wait to shoot again!

I felt Sexy, Empowered & Beautiful!

I've always been my toughest critic, so to see myself through Benizo's eyes has helped me feel totally confident of who I am beneath the image. Our photoshoot lasted hours but felt like minutes. Afterwards, my Mom laughed at how I hadn't stopped talking about him and Bianca the entire drive from NYC to Annapolis.

Kristie B.


I have battled with my weight and pageantry didn’t help. I am finally back on track with a healthy lifestyle and feeling so proud of that. I finally feel sexy & beautiful again! But feeling like a super model in front of Benizo’s lens, has helped me remember that no matter what I weigh, I am beautiful and have so much good to offer the world.

My 3 takeaways...

"Thank you for helping me realize the positive energy inside me and to never let anything tame it."

~ Kristie B.

You’ve been so kind to me ever since we first met. You said I bring “instant positive energy” and I love that! No one had ever said that to me before our photoshoot but now so many people have said similar things over the years. I think that you helped me recognize this quality in myself and that has allowed me to channel it in my thoughts & actions in all areas of my life. Arizona here we come!

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