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Kristen Baranowski
"I've always believed in being unique and embracing who I am, but I never truly realized how much I held back until I met Ben and he challenged me for more."

One of my favorite sessions are those when I’m contacted by a conscious woman needing an internal shift back to her core. The moment I started talking to Kristen I knew that’s the kind of session this would be. She filled me with the pleasure that can only come from purposeful adventure and discovery. I sensed her core beauty and was deepened by her ability to overcome what she feared before. Loved this session! 



At the time I contacted Ben, I was still working for Social Security and feeling absolutely awful about where I was in life, what I was doing, and knew I needed change. I was always familiar with his work because of pageantry initially, and wanted to work with him at some point. I could tell he wasn’t about photography, but more about bringing out the authenticity of each person. It was inspiring, positive, raw. I set up a shoot & felt better already.

I had a stigma of "Sexy Photos" but somehow that went away with this experience.

I appreciate how you push boundaries but at the same time, would never make a woman feel uncomfortable if they weren’t to a certain point yet. I can’t wait to experience another session and push through new comforts.

I tend to read into things and felt the BU concept coming through what you published.

So many people are afraid to embrace a new side of them, even more so, show it to the world. But the world also makes one feel condemned and isolated if they choose to express a part of themselves. You precisely tapped into this struggle and helped me shoot through it.

I felt he wasn't just trying to see my body, but trying to empower the woman inside of me.

When you start working with photographers, you hear all the time to be careful of people and their intentions. You’re clearly an established professional, but others can have a tendency to make you feel like they’re just trying to get a sexy photo to see a woman’s body essentially… and there’s nothing in it for the woman. You, on the other hand, your intentions are clear, the purpose of your photographs is clear, this isn’t about seeing woman, it’s about empowering them and you do it in such a professional way… from your conversation and honesty.

There was definitely a slight intimidation factor for me once we started with the shoot.

He made me feel so comfortable through the progression and while I was a little hesitant as we got sexier with the clothing, I still felt an ease. When you photographed me in the blue bodysuit I was surprised at how good I felt.

Kristen B.


I would say 9, and the reason it’s not a 10 is because I was also still in the process of overcoming my mental block that I was actually doing this and allowing myself to embrace my sexuality in a new way so that’s entirely on my part, but you made me feel completely at ease about it. NEXT TIME A 10 :).

I was nervous and excited. Nervous about driving into the city and getting there on time, and not completely knowing what to expect, but I was excited about the photoshoot and what it would be like and seeing how you would capture me. Many times in the past, I’ve hated my photos because I felt like they never showed who I was or even looked like me.

That’s always a concern of mine going into a shoot for the first time with someone new. I was also nervous because I know you have a reputation of having sexier photographs and I have never really posed to truly embrace that sexual side. I understood that upon meeting you. When we had a chance to talk and get to know each other, I felt immediately at ease. I appreciated it.

My 3 takeaways...

"Thank you for making feel Empowered & Untouchable!"

~ Kristen B.

You made me feel relaxed and in talking to you, I truly understood your goals as a photographer to capture me authentically and bring out a side of me that I was afraid to show in the past. You were so open about how you started and why you like doing this. It has nothing do with just wanting to photograph beautiful women but helping them see there is nothing wrong with embracing our sexuality. Thank you for this experience. I’m excited for round two.

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