Jenelle McKee Embraces Her Sensuous Side with a Heart Stopping Photoshoot.

She discovers the beauty hidden within her isn’t about being crowned by a panel of judges, but by simply being herself… she has pictures of already crowning herself.
"Benizo Encouraged Me to Tap into my Sensuous Femininity & to Embrace that Part of Me. I felt Safe Tapping into that Side of Me."

What inspired your first Benizo photoshoot?

it was a dream of mine to shoot with Ben. His Photos were always Mesmerizing & Inspiring.

Benizo has a way of tapping into the energy of the person you’re shooting – connecting & picking up on who they are & what they’re about. He’s a true empathetic artist, so not only did I feel a mutual understanding – but he truly made me feel as if the sky is the limit!  There’s was an immediate comfort upon meeting him. I felt truly seen.

Was there a style that you were looking for to capture this Feeling inside?

His style stuck out. It was fun, Sexy, Strong, Empowering & Creative.

I could not wait to finally have the opportunity to work with Ben! Little did I know it would be 40 floors up in Vegas! You provided such a fun, playful environment that encouraged fullness of expression & creativity. I remember how freeing it was to do a yoga pose by the window (click photo below) and looking out at the city of possibility & play.

What did you think after your photoshoot?

It was a very Grounding And Glamorous Experience.

I remember that he had some great posing ideas to get started, & Ben offered some subtle shifts of the head, leg & torso while I was seated to begin to get some dynamic shots! It was a very grounding & glamorous experience.

Jenelle McKee

My 3 Benizo Takeaways

If you could summarize this experience in a paragraph what would it say?

My Feminine Energy was ignited & flying high after shooting with Ben.

You truly make every woman feel like the best version of themselves. Thank you for sharing your heart & inspiring women to free their hearts & minds & step into their emboldened truth. I felt the extra glow which comes from your inner creativity becoming an outward expression. And from having your inspiration and belief in me along the journey to capture the magic.

Jenelle McKee

Benizo Photoshoots are dedicated to helping women shoot through challenges & celebrating their individuality. Read More.

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