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Jenelle McKee
"I felt fully Seen & Free to just BE."

Her energy was electric, both calming and wild. She had a zen like connection that wonderfully revealed to me her core was boundless, unshakeable, leaving no room for doubt or fear. Reflecting back these results evoked the raw beauty and power I  saw inside her that day.


Her energy was electric & unblocked. I flowed with it. The results were bU'TIFUL!

Most will book for the purpose to capture an image, and I know that, but it’s not in my DNA to settle for pictures that fit a stereotypical style, or pictures that are even close to the vicinity of anyone else’s style. When I began photographing Jenelle there was something electric and calming about her. This authentic energy made me comfortable knowing we were shooting to the core of her Oranginality, honoring her Feminine Queen with World Originality intensity.

His Photos were always Mesmerizing and Inspiring to look at - it was a dream of mine to shoot with him.

Wanting headshots for Miss FL USA I was ecstatic heading to my session! I drove 4 hours from LA to Las Vegas to shoot (totally worth the drive) & I remember how giddy & excited I was the whole time! The day had finally come! 

Once I arrived I felt immediately at home. I was excited to see his eagerness to collaborate & create some Magic!

I wanted to shoot some stand out shots for my first year competing in Miss Florida USA & you exceeded my expectations. I went into the experience wanting to have one of my favorite photo shoots of all time – & it absolutely was! 

I felt Empowered, Beautiful & Ready to Go!

Ben has a way of tapping into the energy of the person he’s shooting – connecting & picking up on who they are & what they’re about. He’s a true empath & artist so not only do you feel a mutual understanding – but he truly makes you feel as if the sky is the limit!  There’s an immediate comfortability upon meeting Ben & he makes you feel truly seen.

It was a very Grounding and Glamorous Experience.

I remember that Ben had some great posing ideas to get started, & he offered some subtle shifts of the head, leg & torso while I was seated to begin to get some dynamic shots! It was a very grounding & glamorous experience.

Jenelle M.


I could not wait to finally have the opportunity to work with you! Little did I know it would be 40 floors up in Vegas! You provided such a fun, playful environment that encouraged fullness of expression & creativity. I remember how freeing it was to do a yoga pose by the window looking out at the city of possibility & play.

My 3 takeaways...

"My feminine energy was ignited & was flying high after shooting with Ben."

~ Jenelle M.

You truly make every woman feel like the best version of themselves. Thank you for sharing your heart & inspiring women to free their hearts & minds & step into their emboldened truth. I felt the extra glow which comes from your inner creativity becoming an outward expression. And from having your inspiration and belief in me along the journey to capture the magic.

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