"I've Always Had a Hard Time Being Sexy, But Ben Shows You By Just Loving Yourself, You Can't Help But Be Sexy."
Benizo Artistic Interview
Part of me felt free & Excited to channel the inner sexy part of me that I had always suppressed.

The other side of me, didn’t know how people were going to receive the photos. It was an interesting feeling and situation to be in.

When I was 14 I thought I was seeking a Pageant Title. At 21 I realized it was External Validation.

I had dreamt of being a Pageant Titleholder and all that goes with it. But as I grew stronger within myself I realized what I really wanted was to be free from giving others the power to crown me.

There was something about the chemistry he had behind the camera which helped me want to embrace my own inner confidence.

Ben was the official photographer for Miss New Mexico when I met him. I was 14 years old with a dream to have a pageant title. I had seen what he did with others and also in person at our team cheerleading photo shoot. There was something about the chemistry he had behind the camera that helped me want to embrace my own inner confidence (something I never thought I had.)

My whole life I have settled for so much less than what I deserve.

It took me a long time to get out of my shell, & explore my deeper self. The women in my family settled in their relationships because they were comfortable, embarrassed, and didn’t have the courage to leave. I never want to be like that. I know what I have to offer and I won’t settle for less in any relationship I have. 

Ben has taught me to really come out of my shell.

There were parts of the shoot where I didn’t know how to pose, or smile and Ben said JUST BE YOU. Find what inspires you and embrace that. Ben has always believed in me and that has motivated me so much to love myself internally and externally. Loving yourself alone isn’t easy but when you have loyal and genuine people in your life, they really make you better.

My 21st birthday came along, and I wanted to change from an unconfident girl, to an untouchable woman.

Although I still had/have a hard time embracing my "Sexy Side" I wanted to seek my own version of sexy. I didn't want other people's idea of sexy have any influence on this shoot. Ben allowed & Inspired me to be me. And even with something so simple as a body suit - he helped me see the beauty Inside of me.

My 3 Benizo Takeaways

Sexy & Slutty are mutually exclusive.

People are so quick to judge others instead of appreciating the beauty they have, or realizing how difficult it might have been to not just take the photo, but post it for the world to see. Woman are beautiful, why do we have such a hard time supporting one another? 

Ben Thank you for helping me find my version of sexy.

Ben, thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me, supporting me, and being a genuine person. Not only are you a seamless photographer, but the power you have in bringing out the deep hidden colors in woman is truly beautiful.

Jacynda A.

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