Heather Elwell overcame three straight first runner-ups to become Miss Maine USA 2015.

"It was never about winning a pageant, or being better than others, it was about being my best self."
Benizo Artistic Interview Testimonial

What first inspired you to book your Photoshoot?

I was a shy person wanting to peel back the different layers to myself.

I had been thinking about shooting with Ben for months after I saw that one of my friends had shot with him and the photos were, fire. I was just out of college at the time and preparing for my first try at becoming the next Miss Maine USA.

What was your greatest challenge coming into your shoot?

I was nervous, because, I had never shot with a real photographer before... headshots at school do not count!

I was nervous initially because I wasn’t sure that I was fully prepared and knew what to do, but after 10 minutes my jaw was dropping because I couldn’t believe was ME on the camera screen. Ben made it “effortless to be me!” I thought to myself, I’ve got this and that I can’t wait to look at these photos when I’m 70 years old! 

How did Benizo help you overcome this Challenge?

He makes you see your confidence even before a photo is snapped.

Ben made sure I already knew that I was confident, even before a photo was snapped. I had the ambition and drive to win and never give up regardless if I was going for a pageant win or any other challenge that I faced in life.

He allowed me to keep believing that I could win and do so WITHOUT GIVING MY POWER AWAY. That simply by being me and giving it my all I could succeed.

You ended up working with Benizo over 6 times in 4 states. Why?

Since the first shoot, I never wanted to work with anyone else. Even throughout my reign as Miss Maine USA 2015 - I never did.

Ben was a cheerleader for me since day one! He became and instant friend and one that I can say after almost 10 years, we still talk to this day. He cares about your growth and is a natural when it comes to showing you how to bring out the best in yourself - both on and off the camera.

My 3 benizo Takaways

If you could leave a testimonial in one paragraph how would it go?

The Shoots are High!! You don’t want them to end. Or you can’t wait to go back and let everyone see this new light inside yourself. It’s Awe-Inspiring.

Friendship and encouragement alongside photos that will last me a lifetime. I grew as a woman throughout each of my sessions and challenged myself above all. Thank you Ben and Bianca – you both are shining stars!

Heather E.

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