1. Haley Anne: Being Yourself is Sexy.

"It's not about being Sexy, but simply being yourself. When I focused on the latter I couldn't help but Feel & Look sexy!"
Haley A.

Do a session for yourself and watch the the walls come tumbling down.

I was SO happy, honored, and proud when I saw the photos. Because seeing that woman was like a Dream! I remember thinking “I like this girl, this girl is fierce, she is strong, confident, and nobody can tell her otherwise or different. I LOVE HER!”

My Greatest Fear was going topless.

I hate my boobs but Ben made me feel at ease. He said imagine your 80 year old self looking back at you now, would she regret it if you did, or didn’t? Boom! The hell with it, what do I have to lose? We are only young once and it’s not everyday you’re in front of his talent. I had never seen myself like that before. I could fly! I’m in no hurry to ask my 80 year old self, but my 32 year old self loved that I followed my instincts. Just BU, right?

Working with Benizo isn't about a photo shoot, it's like a vacation for the soul.

When you work with Benizo, being yourself is not an option, it’s a requirement. He is always trying to poke through layers that you weren’t able to break through yourself. Limiting beliefs, old fears, doubts, insecurities, you name it. He always seems to know what I need at that moment in time.

I was so mad at myself for feeling scared & nervous over nothing.

Overall I felt more confident than I had in awhile and I just felt proud of myself. I was proud of the woman I had become and grown into, and Ben always reminds me that I can achieve anything I put my heart into. I got teary eyed when I left because I had such a blast and who knows when we will be able to create again.

If you're thinking of working with Benizo here's what you should know.

When I say to come with healthy snacks with you I mean it. Once Ben is shooting you, get ready for an FUN adventure and just rolling with it because he is UNSTOPPABLE with ideas once his creativity starts shining though. It is SO FUN to watch him because you can see how much he loves doing what he does and he’s the BEST at it. It just makes you want to kill it even more!!!

Afterwards I felt a flame burning inside of me. I was hooked!

Prior to my last photo shoot with Ben, (This was maybe 8-10 years ago?) I didn't have confidence, I didn't feel good enough, skinny enough, curvy enough, pretty enough. I always felt uncomfortable because I wasn't confident with myself but Benizo is so professional and personable that he makes you feel at ease as if you've known him for years or hanging out with an old friend. The walls just come tumbling down!

Haley A.

My 3 Benizo Takeaways

People would say... "Wow, you are so photogenic, do you model?" I'd say... I was truly taught by the best!

Ben, thank you for always being so kind and patient with me over all these years. We have always had a blast working together, we always pick up where we left off. Thank you for believing in me, pushing me when I needed it the most, thank you for always being loyal, hard working, and dedicated to me. If it wasn’t for ever meeting you I would have never been asked that question.

Haley A..
Benizo dedicates himself to helping women release their inner critic & free the beauty hidden within.  Read More.

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