"This Shoot was just what I needed to feel a sense of Sexiness & Fierceness."
Benizo Artistic Interview
I was a little Nervous before but afterwards I felt Free, Vibrant, & a Newer Version of Me.

As a woman in my late 20’s at the time, I felt I was going through such a unique time in my personal life. This shoot was just what I needed. Ben allowed me to channel my creative side which sometimes, I am not able to use in my everyday.

Ben does such a great job of capturing the magic that there's really no need to be nervous about anything.

I love how after every few shots, he would show me the picture and you just can’t help but get excited about how AMAZING they look just raw, no editing at all. That is what kept me going and I couldn’t wait to keep shooting to see what would be next.

I loved the positive vibes I got the moment I walked in the room.

The fact that we shot in the hotel against a blank and brick background was so cool to me because no one would have known that before hand. Ben is great at capturing the mood and the vibe and making the shots simply fire. Just as I expected, the shoot was amazing.

What is one thing People may not know about me?

I am very much an open book. Even though I am rather private from a social media standpoint, I feel I try to always be as authentic as possible whenever I meet someone. I would say it’s easy to misunderstand people based on your own personal biases so if people have misunderstandings, I feel that falls more on them.

I would encourage people to reach out and get to know someone before making quick judgments. It’s easier to do but I think people would be surprised to learn they share a lot more in common with others if they took a minute to learn about them.

Photo shoots are such a great way to capture an internal persona within.

I would say get out of your own head, turn on some great music and channel your inner thoughts and feelings.

My 3 Takeaways

Ben Thank you for bringing out the magic I know we all have within, that is something that every woman should have a chance to do!

Thank you for giving me the chance to work with you and for making me feel like an absolute gem. I left that shoot with a sense of confidence and fierceness that I had not had it a while.  Thank you for bringing that out of me.

Erin B.

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