Darrian Rachel

"I hadn't seen myself as a Sexy person before, but I knew in order to know myself I needed to."

Artist, Interviewer, Photographer

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Artistic Point of View

The pressures women face to fit into a conformed system of beauty defies the laws of the universe. Because how can one win or lose the thing already embedded within them? This is the Power I wanted Darrian to see in herself. It was risky and it was unconventional but it was all worth shooting for. Here is D in her words.

What inspired you to book your shoot?

I was afraid to be sexy, but more afraid not to be.

“I was pretty reserved before and didn’t really let too much of my personality come out. I was too embarrassed to put my sexy confidence & adventurous side out. I had seen what Benizo had done for others and was certain he could help me let go of whatever was holding me down. I was nervous. But somehow he made it seem effortless to be me and let go.”

What was your greatest fear?

My greatest fear was being me, but I learned that was the sexiest part.

During my reign as Miss Indiana USA I felt a lot of pressure to live up to an image that wasn’t me. I had worked so hard to get to this stage and now that I was there I couldn’t wear the gown I wanted, or shoot with my edge-photographer. I lost my edge and went to nationals feeling lost and defeated and it showed.

If you could tell someone else about your experience what would you let them know?
Having a beauty title isn't easy, it sometimes requires silencing your inner voice for the image you are standing for.

Overall I learned that feeling guilty can give others power over you. You may sacrifice your voice to keep others happy in the short term, but in the long term you’re the one that has to end up living with your decisions. You should never feel guilty being true to yourself, or flaunting your sex appeal in front of the mirror, or for a camera.

Where they drew the line as too sexy, is where I wanted to begin.

Everyone would try to stop me from being me, and I can say it was the most horrible feeling. Especially during my year as Miss Indiana. It felt the pressure but having Benizo as a mentor, coach, friend made me resist giving into what others wanted me to be and to never sacrifice my own intuition.

Darrian R.

"Thank you for always caring and making sure I was comfortable in pushing my limits."

When I went to work with Benizo I didn’t have that edge I was looking for. I felt reserved as a Teen and had seen he was able to bring out an inner fire in all the Miss and Teen he worked with. When you knew those girls and had seen their photos before Benizo always took them to knew levels. You wanted more. I wanted that.

Darrian R.
Thank you.

Darrian you're a fire source of intelligence and beauty. Nothing in life is worth having comes easy and easy is something you never settle for. We have so many creations together it was hard to settle with the few here. I guess we'll look towards a new post later 🙂 Big Hugs!

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