Benizo's Fedora.

The Official Crown of Feminine Queens!

Representing Beauty & Originality True to her Feminine Core.

The Original Crown of Beauty

For Women who call their Own Shots!

Since 2004, Benizo’s Fedora has represented Beauty & Originality for thousands of women of all ages & backgrounds looking to shift power back to the center of their universe.

Make sure to ask for the Fedora in one of your wardrobe selections. And if you’re Artsy and of age click on the button below for our Fedora & Heels look.

Nothing puts an image on its heels, Like your World Original Crown & your Favorite pair of Heels.

Fedora & Heels

Sometimes all you need is your Favorite Pair of Shoes & your World Original Crown. Our greatest freedom shoot is for women who are 100% in charge of their expression & answer to no one but their creator. We understand not everyone can get to this ARTISTIC LEVEL. But for those who can, we will celebrate it with the finest love, power, and admiration on the planet. You’ll love how you look but more importantly what you were shooting for. The Naked Truth!

Plan a Fedora & Heels Shoot

For Women who call their shots & answer to no one when it comes to expressing their conscious femininity. Let’s Create!