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The Photo Shoot that Challenges you to BU.

Picture the beauty of your unstoppable confidence, unshakable self-esteem, & the power to choose yourself, in your one of a kind… Artistic Expression.

Hanging our Hat on Beauty & Originality

Wearing many “hats”: mom, daughter, sister, spouse, teacher, student, activist, coach (just to name a few), seems like the last thing you need is another hat. However, with life’s prevailing currents pushing your femininity to the shores of conformity – it’s nice to know, there’s a hat to help your beauty flow towards the center of your ocean. Introducing Benizo’s Fedora, a symbol of feminine beauty & originality, it’s as if it was made for a queen.

Meet Your
Feminine Queen

Each Benizo photo session (a.k.a. Challenge to BU) is a celebration of your individual beauty & originality as captured in various ways to help your femininity deliver, a one of a kind – Royal Statement!

But first… we must identify what is challenging your power to artistically express your sex-appeal, confidence & strength. Are you ready?

You want to change something about yourself in a positive direction?

“I wanted to challenge myself to lose 40lbs & take my best shot.”
~ Kristie B.
“I was a little nervous before but afterwards I felt free, vibrant, & a newer version of me.”
~ Erin B.

You're afraid to be sexy, but more afraid not to be?

“I hadn’t seen myself as a sexy person before, but I knew in order to know myself I needed to.”
~ Darrian R.
“It’s not about being sexy, but simply being yourself. When I focused on the latter I couldn’t help but feel & look sexy!”
~Haley C.

You Feel Held Back, or not flowing Free to your potential.

“I felt held back by my body type, but shooting with Ben helped me overcome that Image.”
~ Lindsay J.
“I’ve always believed in being unique and embracing who I am, but I never truly realized how much I held back until I met Ben and he challenged me for more.”
~ Kristen B.
The Photo shoot that challenges you to BU.

Royal Statements for the Feminine Queen in You.

Each session is unique & allows space to show up for yourself. No Experience Necessary!


Own a favorite set of lingerie, or looked at a catalog & wondered what if that was you? We will help you picture it.

Birthday & Celebrations

You were born a true original; celebrate your uniqueness with your very own photoshoot.

Sexy at any Age

Age is just a number when it comes to your authentic beauty. Just choose to BU, & we’ll help you proof it.


Urban, beach, lakes, or desert, we can plan your scene ahead of time and pursue to be wowed.


Celebrate your favorite sport and team whether you’re an athlete, cheerleader, or fan in a fun & feminine way.

Career Beauty

Are you a professional nurse, teacher, police officer or coach? No matter your career we’ll proof your sexy.

These are just a short list of themes. Each Session is uniquely-different and includes a choice of 2-5 wardrobe looks, 1-2 makeup styles, free personalized prep & planning, 3-7 hours & 5-20 photo edits & more.

Awaken Your Feminine Queen

BE Revolutionary.
BE Incomparable.
BE Yourself.

From Her BU'tiful Lips

Picture nothing More BU'tiful.

Take My Challenge!

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Post Session Interviews

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Your Passion to Be Unique Means Everything!

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