Power To BU Photo Sessions

Revolutionizing the way beauty is Pictured.

You don’t have to be into pageants, or follow Beauty Queens, to Feel the Power of a World Original Woman, Untaming Her Feminine Queen.


Stop Building Walls. Start Tearing Them Down.


Power Up Courage to Be Unique & True to Yourself.


Untame Your Feminine Queen & Picture Nothing Better.

You Shouldn't have to conform your femininity to be seen.

However, most women do conform their Femininity to fit the image others want them to be. Benizo feels your pressure and inspires you to BU, while Picturing Nothing Better.

The 100% Non-Conforming, Non-Imitative, World Original Photo Session Designed for women refusing to give their power away.

Women who have experienced their Power To BU Session have stood out and won Beauty Pageants, Fitness Competitions, made NFL, NBA, & NHL Dance Teams; Magnetized New Work, Relationships, Opportunities & Deeper Peace of Mind. But what we love most is shooting beyond the status-quo.


Hi! I'm Benizo.

A Philosopher with a Camera Picturing Beauty.

I’m moved by the Feminine Spirit which shoots through the status quo & is untamed by the powers to be. I find this decision to be true-to-themselves the most inspiring quality to picture. Welcome to my art-work where I help women like you, SHOOT TO BU & PICTURE NOTHING BETTER.

From Her BU'tiful Lips

My experience was one I’ll never forget. Ben pushed me to a place I didn’t know I could go and still be confident. Everything about my shoot was fun and energetic. I remember most of all that I felt incredibly powerful!

Lexi W.
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Why It Works

“Being Unique is not just something we are born with, it’s something we must aim to preserve and live up to. This is the True-Beauty worth shooting for. To me, anything else is just an image.” ~ Benizo



Feel Unstoppable & Explore New Possibilities.

Rise Up

Stand Out of the crowd vying for what you want.


Healthy Femininity is an art form worth honoring.

About Your Session

New Clients find it hard to believe that all the magic happens without a crew or fancy studio. After getting spiced up with Bianca’s Makeup & Hair, it’s just one-on-one with Benizo’s free-flowing creativity wherever the light is good. It’s always fun to see what we’ll come up with next.



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