Beyond Ordinary

Picture the BU-tiful Woman In You.

"Love what Exists Inside of You, there's Nothing More BU-tiful."

Purely Feminine.

Unique, Honest, & Sexy. That's How We Picture It.


"An Image may be worth a 1000 words, but your Beauty only needs 2 letters... BU."

Why is your POWER TO BU Sexy?

Within you exists a World Original Woman wanting to Free the Fire Within her Acronym – W.O.W!

But life’s prevailing image influences imitation & following the crowd. Being Unique & your Authentic Self isn’t easy. It creates pressure. But this is where beauty begins. Because by choosing to be yourself… Fire & Pressure combine, thus forming the rarest diamond on earth – your Power To BU!

Lexi W.

“My experience was one I’ll never forget. Ben pushed me to a place I didn’t know I could go and still be confident. Everything about my shoot was fun and energetic. I remember most of all that I Felt Incredibly Powerful!”


Benizo Cover Models Shoot through Imitation & Comparison to Reveal The BU’tiful Woman inside them.

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