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Let's Picture the Beauty Within You

Personalized Artistic Expressions to help you feel sexy again. Reclaim, Renew, or Celebrate your PowerToBU.

No Boundaries. Just You. Many styles to choose from. Here are a few.

No comparisons, no fitting in to someone else’s image, no waiting for someone else to crown you, no need for approval, just free-flowing to where True Beauty Lives – at the Center of Your Universe.

Are you looking to Feel Sexy In your Body & Mind?

Benizo helps you to instantly stop conforming yourself to the image others want you to be, or comparing yourself to others (online or in person) so that your true beauty can rise like a Phoenix (in Phoenix).

You Were Born Unique, a true World Original, So that's how we Picture It.

"An Image may be worth a 1000 words, but your Beauty only needs 2 letters... BU."

Hi, I'm Benizo

The Best Photography Happens When You Choose To BU.

I believe art can bring clarity to what you want, and free you from what you don’t want. It can bring focus, inspire hope, and heal emotional wounds. I propose instead of shooting to win a title, seek approval, or even to stand out, that we just shoot to BU and discover… the Power of your Beauty will do all those things & so much more.

From Her BU'tiful Lips

Picturing The Beauty Within You, No Matter the Challenge is Worth Blogging About.

Benizo Blog’s about past PowerToBU Sessions and the beauty of shooting beyond the status quo.

How Does it Work?

Whether you’re wanting to overcome a challenge, celebrate your individuality, or influence others in a positive way, you’ll be proofing that the best shots truly come from Picturing The Beauty Within You.


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Picture the Beauty Within You
Artistic Expressions

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