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We begin these limited photo sessions with the intention that it provokes liberty and confidence within each and every client that steps in front of Benizo’s lens.

Confident. Sexy. Empowered.
Unleash Your Authentic Beauty - at Any Age
More than a
Unique & Original Transformations

In a society that constantly pushes conformity to predefined standards of beauty and people-pleasing expectations, it can be an uphill battle to embrace the fullness of your uniqueness. Benizo photoshoots are designed to help release all judgement and expectations from your life, clearing the way for an empowering transformation that your authentic beauty has been waiting for.

Give me a shot & I'll Give you the Confidence You've Never Seen

As a man captivated by genuine beauty, my passion lies in helping women and brands express their essence from within. Witnessing someone discover their inner beauty is truly magical, & it never gets old. That’s why I founded Benizo—a creative sanctuary dedicated to unlocking your beauty within. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Natalie p.
Miss California USA

"I can say quite honestly that Ben is the best beauty photographer I have ever worked with."

Unleash the Fire Within

Ben brought down some major walls around me during our shoot.

I have never met a photographer that is so passionate about helping you let go of your fears so you could give fully of yourself in the photos he is capturing. ~ Brittany P.

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Are you ready to break free from the cycle of conformity and people-pleasing. Apply today for a transformation that your inner-self has been waiting for.

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By choosing to be confident in yourself and embracing your uniqueness, you have already overcome the most challenging obstacle. The rest of the journey will be a piece of cake! Let’s work together & don’t worry – You Got This!

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