The Photoshoot that helps you BU
Unleash Your Oranginality

Ever dreamed of facing the camera unburdened by insecurity, comparisons or constraints? With Benizo, you’ll discover the healing power of your authentic beauty.

Benizo understands the pressures women face in wearing multiple hats while being constrained to constant comparisons. So he tailored a unique photoshoot to help relieve that pressure & pain. His camera, serving to empower self-expression, and his hat, a constant reminder to embrace your core essence, allows your authentic beauty to be unleashed. Click below to explore what makes us unique.

Unleash your authentic beauty

Being bold means embracing your unique identity and fearlessly expressing yourself. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and embracing your authentic self.

Fine Art
A Style for Everyone!

Embrace your quirkiness & ambitions all in one shoot!


Plan ahead and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving. This experience is about connection & meaning with your authentic self. Make this Birthday unforgettable & plan your shoot today.

“A Woman’s Beauty is not a Number, it’s an Energy that flows from within.”

Fit to BU

Every “Body” showing up to the gym is a masterpiece in progress. We capture your dedicated journey to create an unmatched image, that inspires others and honors your hard work.

Sexy @ Any Age

Life is short, so leave behind past regrets or self-criticisms to embrace the chance of celebrating your authentic self at any age.

Benizo Swimsuit Beach Photography
Natalie P.

I have been given the honor to work with talented, world renowned photographers, and I can say quite honestly that Ben is the best beauty photographer I have ever worked with.

Graham T.

During my shoot, he sought to get to know me and understand life from my perspective. He never fails to build one’s self-esteem and celebrate the unique and individual beauty of those who come to see him.

Erin B.

I truly can’t express how great the experience was from start to finish. Every outfit change came with a different energy that catapulted into another set of unreal images.

About your Benizo photo shoot

Each session is an opportunity to take the throne & express your unapologetic power. Your Inner Queen takes the stage to express herself authentically. Although you may not be free from self-doubt or comparison – you will be empowered to proof, external forces are no match for your feminine strength.

Your Photoshoot
A Perfect Blend of Sexy & Confidence

Whether you’re looking to shoot with Benizo to celebrate or empower your uniqueness, rest assured it will be BU’tiful.

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