Unleash Your Inner Queen

Empower Your Individuality with Benizo Photoshoots. Break Free from Beauty Standards & Give Your Uniqueness a Royal Boost!

Awaken Your Oranginality

Say goodbye to the traditional standards of beauty and hello to your inner queen. As a woman, you juggle many roles: mom, daughter, sister, friend & more while being expected to fit a certain image. That’s where Benizo Photoshoots come in. With the sound of every click you’ll be making a “Royal Statement” that your beauty comes from within, not external expectation. Get ready to Reclaim Your Throne & Feel Happier, Healthier, & Sexier – it’s time to Unleash Your Inner Queen!

"A queen never compromises her confidence for someone else's insecurity."

Celebrate your uniqueness Through a Revolutionary lens

You're a World Original Woman, deserving to be celebrated for the queen you are! Say Goodbye to fitting molds & imitations, it's time to BU!


You are unique as they come, when you’re empowered to express yourself you’ll gain confidence.


With Confidence, You’re Able to Break Free from norms & Love Yourself without External Validation.


With Confidence & Self-Love You’ll be able to Celebrate Your Authentic Beauty with a Royal Statement!

Hi, I'm Benizo

As a photographer, I’ve witnessed first-hand the damaging effects that society’s beauty standards can have on women’s mental health, self-image, and confidence. I refused to sit back and watch it happen. I picked up a camera and it all clicked. By picturing their feminine strength & individuality through a revolutionary lens, they were able to break free from external expectations and discover their authentic power within.

"I have been given the honor to work with talented, world renowned photographers, and I can say quite honestly that Ben is the best beauty photographer I have ever worked with."
~ Natalie Pack
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Say goodbye to capturing your beauty & hello to setting it free!

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Your beauty isn't something that is up for debate - it's sourced within you - & Now you know a friend who can help you picture it.
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