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Picture nothing more BU'tiful.


Within you is the power to Heal, Liberate, & Empower the Earth’s Beauty, which is under relentless pressure from an image wanting to define you. You’ll learn to detect that image, expand your perspective, and see the big picture of a World Original Woman free to be!

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Shoot To BU!

Artistic Expressions for
women who call their own shots.
Shoot To BU. Not an Image

They didn't teach you this in school

You are not an image! For example, an image is perception but you are Intention. An image can be imitated but you are Inimitable! An image relies on other people’s opinions but you are free to be. So if you’re looking for an image you have a billion choices. Benizo can’t help you there. But if you’re shooting to BU, you only have one choice – and that’s how we love to picture it.

Hi! I'm Benizo

artist with a camera & Hat

My inspiration to help women shoot through comfort zones came from seeing the pressures they faced to fit into someone else’s image. While conversations helped it wasn’t enough. So I picked up a camera to help them proof – when they choose themselves over an image there’s nothing more BU’tiful!

Artistic Experiences

Be Remarkable! BU!

Reasons to Choose Benizo


Your World Original Photo Shoot is about shooting through an image trying to define you and outshining it with your Power To BU! It is a celebration! It is exciting and fun but best of all – controversial. Without the latter it would only be an image. And where is the fun in that? We agree. Welcome to the only place on earth where a World Original Woman can Reclaim, Renew, or Recharge her acronym – WOW!

From her BU'TIFUL Lips

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