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Hello, I'm BENIZO

For over 15 years I’ve been helping women stop chasing an image of beauty, and instead unleash it from within themselves. With just my Camera, Fedora, & somewhat higher intake of caffeine I’ve been proofing behind every image is a World Original Woman with the Power to Crown Herself!

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Silence Your Critic

Shoot to BU, Not to be Sexy!

People often ask me why I shoot Sexy. But shooting Sexy for its own sake is boring to me. Instead, I focus on capturing her soul, and freeing it from whatever was holding it back. Others just seem to always find these results “Sexy!” Look your best simply by choosing to BU!

Do I only photograph women in shape?

I often encourage women to photograph when they aren’t peaking in fitness so they can love the woman in the mirror no matter what. But often they schedule their session months in advance to push themselves towards a goal. I’m an expert at posing, angles, & framing to make women from all ages & shapes look their best. If you feel intimidated please don’t. Every shoot is inspired solely on your decision to BU! That’s when your in best shape.


Point A to Point BU!

Benizo BLOG

Check out past shoots with Women in Charge! Whether they were shooting to feel-good, kick-ass, or overcome a challenge, their courage, beauty, & inspiration are stories worth shooting for.

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