Power-To-BU Artistic Expressions

Picture a Beauty they can't Compare.

This Wellness-Shoot is a Power Boost for Women Wanting to Look & Feel Incomparable & Unapologetically Free.

Want to Picture Your Sexy Side But...

Worry Not what others think. You Truly Are Incomparable!

Never Doubt What You're Prepared For.

The only requirement is having the courage to BU. That’s It! And you won’t be alone. Benizo’s Power To BU Sessions will help you Shoot through any Comparisons and Overcome…

No Limits to Your Expression

Fashion, Boudoir, Dance, Pageantry, Swimsuits, Cosplay, Fitness & Fine Art Are just a few ways we can artistically shoot through anything.

Your Power To BU isn't about how you look to others (compared), it's about how you see yourself (freed).

The Question is Not Whether You Were Naked, but did You Shoot for the Naked Truth?

Hi I'm Benizo. I've Helped Over 3,000 Women Picture Nothing More BU'tiful.

Even before the internet became a thing I saw the influence that “external images” had on making women look outside themselves and be compared. To help bring focus within her, just saying “Be Yourself,” wasn’t enough. I had to help them “Picture It.”
Benizo Portrait
Benizo's Simple Philosophy

You are 100% Incomparable.

You are Unique. Never before or again will there be another you. You’re a true World Original Woman. Therefore, your Truth, Love, & Beauty are not some image to be captured, but instead an Artistic Expression to be Freed. When these qualities flow from within you, the world won’t be able to ignore the power of your acronym – W.O.W!

Lexi W.

“My experience was one I’ll never forget. Ben pushed me to a place I didn’t know I could go and still be confident. Everything about my shoot was fun and energetic. I remember most of all that I Felt Incredibly Powerful!”

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Here you’ll find Real Women Shooting through an “External Image” to Free the Beauty Already Within.

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Artistic Expressions

Ignite More Truth, Love, & Beauty Into Your Life.