Power To BU Photo Sessions

There's a Fire Inside you Worth Shooting For.

The World makes it easy to fit in. Benizo Makes it simple to stand out.

Picture the Power of Your Beauty

Shoot Through Self-Limiting Beliefs

Hi! I'm Benizo

Leaving the world more BU'tiful than We found it.

My inspiration to help women shoot through comfort zones came from seeing the pressures they faced to fit into someone else’s image. While conversations helped it wasn’t enough. So I picked up a camera to proof – when they choose themselves over an image there’s nothing more BU’tiful!

From her

The Big Picture

You're Unlike Anyone Else

You are a one of a kind World Original Woman with the power to unleash her acronym – WOW! Anything less would only be an image.

Still Not Sure? Let's Find Your Reason.

Creativity is about discovery & expanding our awareness. It’s common not to know the outcome before we’ve done it. So let’s chat about it or click below to learn more.