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YEARs 2006-2009
Miss Arizona USA 2008 Benizo Pageant Photographer
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I had no more knowledge about pageantry than anyone who had seen one on television, however in 2006 I was approached to photograph both Miss Arizona United States & USA. Not knowing what to expect, I absorbed and fed off the random energies of each individual to help them center their focus towards their goal.

I didn't know what I was doing or how, I just knew that it would be like no one else.

So I grounded myself in the principles of Beauty & Originality and set forth to help each woman shine her authenticity.

I researched current and historical images of beauty queens. I learned that pageants as we knew them were born in 1921 to celebrate the most beautiful of them all. Now going to into 2007, I realized the images were in a similar framework. The women fit into the crown and sash showing a fixed and managed energy. My instincts took over.

To authentically honor these beauty queens I would need to create images that looked like no one else, acted like no else, and felt like no one else. I needed something world original.

So with these principles in mind I set out on a trend-setting adventure that would captivate the industry coast to coast and inspire never seen before energy.

You'll find the Sash & Crown free-flowing boundlessly as the female spirit; Neck, Shoulders, and Face. You'll see them wrapped around the Arms, Legs, or Waist. And just for good-measure, hooked on a heel as a signature reminder that we weren't born to walk as a copy. I focus my lens on the authentic beauty within, puttting aside circumstance or condition that may fashion the heart from it's breathtaking core.

2007 Benizo Courtney Barnas Miss Arizona USA 2017, Diane Tucker Mrs World. Miss Arizona USA Official Photographer
2008 Miss Utah USA Official Photographer
2009 Miss Arizona USA, Miss UTAH USA, Official Photographer
2010 Miss Oklahoma USA, Miss New Mexico USA Official Photographer
Miss California Official Photographer
2012, Miss California USA Official Photographer
2013 Mabelynn Capeluj, Miss Florida USA

Tens of thousands of ground-breaking examples limited to these few? So many women whose stories have been a part of this inspiring journey. This is not a totality, but rather a random selection honoring all those who go beyond their comfort zone for a chance to experience not only their most authentic image on Earth, but also the most authentic beauty queen within them.

Elizabeth looked like a completely different person! She had confidence in her eyes that I had never seen before! It was as if Benizo was able to reach deep inside her soul and ignite a fire that we never even knew existed but was now very clear to see in her photos!

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