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I was born into the world as "Benjamin Urcuyo" (BU) with an insatiable curiosity about Beauty & Originality. In 2004, I decided to devote myself full-time in pursuing an artistic endeavor to satisfy these curiosities into a tangible form that may help me assist others in their own pursuits.


Imagining my clients spell out my full name in a browser inspired me to invent a shorter artistic name. Staying true to Ben, I came up with "Benizo" and loved how it sounded in spanish \ Ben-ē-so' \.

I pride myself on being able to see the beauty in my clients through all kinds of conditions and circumstances that may weather their authenticity at that particular moment. I believe everything happens from within, not without and I always try to express that in my work. My style innately flows from being different which allows me to understand and see the uniqueness in each and every client. ~ Benizo

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I grew up questioning life’s origin and from it having an understanding that each individual was born unique, unlike anyone else past, present, or future. At the age of 7 or so I encountered a stack of playboy magazines that further added to my curiosities about the world. That wonder was paralyzed a few hours later when my mother found out about my discovery and didn’t hesitate to embarrass me of my findings. Her adamant displeasure led me to concede defeat, but my curiousity was daunted with a new question “what is beauty?”

[Fast forward 25 years] These unsolved questions crashed against the shores of my soul with more urgency, making them impossible to ignore. I decided instead of chasing these questions, I'd allow them to guide me. This led me to a camera, open-minded women, a collection of nude images, and a new level of understanding and honesty I had never known before.

I showed my Mom these images without mentioning the reason behind them. Her reaction blew me away. Seeing it through her eyes she ironically said this was nothing like Playboy, it was meaningful and beautiful, with real women having nothing to gain but a better understanding of themselves. This moment was life-changing. When I told her about that embarrassing day, she didn't even remember it.

In that moment I understood the power of art to set people free from a difficulty or limiting belief. I learned to accept internal vulnerability and fear as road maps to personal freedom which would become the foundational qualities behind every session.

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Each Benizo Photo Session is dedicated to the authentic beauty within each woman (and girl) who has chosen to go beyond her circumstance or condition to celebrate her originality.

When you choose to BU, so will your image be. Shoot us a message about your goal, project, or partnering to help you stand out from the rest. We will be excited to hear from you.

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