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"I'm an artist with a purpose, and a camera who believes the quality of any society, depends on the power of a woman to be free in expressing, or not expressing herself, to the authentic rhythm of her heart."

Our Reason is You


In 2004, when Benjamin Urcuyo (BU) sat down at his desk brainstorming a name and logo to pursue his artistic endeavor, one thing was clear... it would be a brand the world had never seen before. Read More

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Hello there! Thank you for stopping by. Are you thinking about celebrating an achievement? Approaching a new challenge? Or simply wanting to exercise your right to express something BU-tiful? Message me here.

Whether you are preparing for a challenge, celebrating an achievement, or simply honoring your right to express the Beauty within you, you've come to the right place. Benizo's ability to focus his lens on the true rythm of his client's heart, results in the most authentic and soul-moving images on Earth. Tell us your story to begin the creative process today.

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Benizo Works
Benizo Works
Benizo Works
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It's our passion to create the most honest, eye-catching, heart-thumping images around for people who are living life from the inside out. That is why our clients know that the letters BU aren't just initials of the Artist, they're the foundation behind everything we do. What better way to honor your most unique qualities than to create images born to BU?
Born To BU
Don't be shy, Benizo and his team are friendly, easy-going, and passionate. We love what we do, but most of all we love why we are doing it and we know you will too. Whether you're reading this from your phone, tablet, or computer, we're only click away. Hire Us or shoot us a message . We'll be on the other side excited to hear from you.